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We’re a boutique cyber security firm of experts. Born and bred to help Startups protect their business and their customer's information


CISOStartups was founded by Luis Alberto Rodrigo, former PWC Business Security Solutions Manager and current angel investor, to help entrepreneurs with their company security.

Expertise & Features

While we advise CEOs and Boards of Directors on cyber risks in an easy to understand, business-oriented way. We also work with CIOs or CTOs to speak technically about cybersecurity best practises.

Depth of Experience

More than 10 years of experience in cybersecurity in multiple sectors, including finance and critical infrastructures.

Service Instead Of Salary

A professional and service that, due to the level and associated cost, most company's could not access through a traditional employment contract.

I Share Your Risk

Future rev-share models or stock options in case of startups that have not reached break-even.

Agile Strategy

Implementation of cybersecurity capabilities in an agile way, according to the moment of the company, technology and risks.

Awareness And Training

Transmission and education of privacy and security values to the entire company, from the Board and CEO to Support.

Transition To Full-Time

Possibility to extend functions, become CISO Full-Time or help in the search for the appropriate profile.

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If you are an entrepreneur building your company, we could help you protect your business and your customers' data.